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1. Fyshwick
Cnr Ipswich & Barrier Streets
Fyshwick ACT 2609
  • (02) 6283 1200
  • (02) 6280 4468

General Hours

9am - 5:30pm
9am - 5:30pm
9am - 5:30pm
9am - 5:30pm
9am - 5:30pm
9am - 5pm
10am - 5pm
Bedding (e.g. Mattress, linen, manchester..)
Computers (e.g. Laptops, storage, digital cameras, PDAs, phones..)
Electrical & small appliances (e.g. TVs, microwaves, video cameras..)
Floor coverings (e.g. Floor boards, laminate, carpet, rugs, vinyl..)
Furniture (e.g. Sofas, cabinets, outdoor furniture..)
Hardware (e.g. Building tool sets, gardening, paint..)
Bathroom & Tiles (e.g. Showers, vanities, porcelain & ceramic tiles..)
iPad® Stockist (e.g. iPad, iPad 2, iPad mini, iPad accessories..)
Instant PhotoBooks
Express Canvas
Tech 2 Home
Fitness Equipment (e.g. treadmills, ellipticals, bikes and rowers)
Mac® Stockist (e.g. iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro..)
Mobile Phone Trade-In (At selected Harvey Norman stores)
Apple Watch® Stockist

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